I will do my best to keep this updated as I hear news of single barrel releases around H-Town. I’m sure this will almost always be an incomplete list, but hey, it’s better than nothing right?! If you know of a pick that should be on the list please reach out to me. Cheers!

Current PIcks

IMG_3060 (1).JPG

  • Houston Bourbon Society

    • Sagamore Spirit Cask Strength, Unfiltered Rye. Release June 29.

    • Pinhook Rye at Total Wine

  • Rice Fine Wine & Liquor

    • Maker’s Mark Private Select “Glenmary Ave”

    • 1792 Full Proof pick. Released November 21st.

    • Knob Creek Rye - Bourbon Hounds of Houston pick

    • Peerless Rye - Bourbon Hounds of Houston pick “Serendipity”

  • Blind Pig Liquor

    • None currently.

  • Liquor Hut:

    • Elijah Craig Single Barrel. Fourth floor of Deatsville warehouse GG.

    • Maker’s Mark Private Select, Houston Bourbon Society

    • Russell’s Reserve Singe Barrel - Liquor Hut

    • Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel - Gobsmacked

    • 1792 Full Proof Bourbon Single Barrel

  • Ryan’s Liquor

    • NEW! Knob Creek Bourbon - 13 years

    • NEW! Elijah Craig Bourbon - 10 years

    • Knob Creek Rye. Released November 20th.

    • Copper & Kings Cask Strength Apple Brandy. Released October 31.

    • Smooth Ambler Old Scout 107 - American Whiskey. Released October 12.

  • NASA Liquor / Ly’s Liquor

    • Multiple Maker’s Mark Private Select Picks

    • L’Encantada Armagnac. First Armagnac pick for Texas!

    • Plantation Jamaican Rum finished in a Teeling Irish Whiskey Casks

    • Copper & Kings Cask Strength Orange Curacao. Released October 31.

  • Houston Bourbon Society

    • Compass Box Great King St. Glasgow Blend Sherry Finish. Released September 29. Available at Houston Wine Merchant. 306 bottles total.

  • Total Wine (various locations)

    • Smooth Ambler Old Scout American Whiskey. 107 proof dubbed the “Holcombe”

    • Balcones Single Malt Single Barrel

    • Knob Creek Bourbon (as of December 11)

    • Knob Creek Rye (as of December 11)

Upcoming Picks

Riding with the King

Riding with the King

Upcoming Barrels:

  • Houston Bourbon Society:

    • IronRoot Republic - Whiskey Camp Pick 100% Corn Bourbon

    • Balcones Single Malt - Multiple picks coming!

    • St Lucia Cask Strength 100% Pot Still Rum in Collaboration with Lei Low Bar

    • A Randy Svetlik Cognac special

    • Elijah Craig bourbon

    • Jack Daniels Barrel Proof

    • Jack Daniels Barrel Proof RYE!

    • WhistlePig Rye

  • Liquor Hut

    • 1792 Full Proof x2

    • 1792 Bottled in Bond

    • Old Weller Antique / Well Full Proof (TBD)

  • Rice Liquors

    • Undisclosed Bourbon picked in June 2019.

  • Flak’s Liquor

    • Four Roses Single Barrel OBSF

    • 1792 Full Proof

  • Longhorn Liquor - Gulf Coast Spirits Society

    • Four Roses Single Barrel OBSQ. Picked March 18th.

  • Tejas Kentucky Club (formerly Houston Bourbon Consortium)

    • Old Weller Antique 107 Single Barrel picked March 7th.

    • Eagle Rare Single Barrel picked March 7th.

  • Blind Pig Liquors

    • Two Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel Bourbons. Picked February 26th.

    • Knob Creek Single Barrel Rye. Picked February 28th.

    • Larceny Single Barrel Bourbon. Picked June 20th.

    • Whistlepig picked around August 12th.

  • Ryan’s Liquor

    • Knob Creek Bourbon - Picked April 26th.

  • Liquor Lot

    • Knob Creek Bourbon - Houston Bourbon Snobs “Honor Among Gentlemen”13 years 11 months old