Whiskey Review: Whitmeyer’s Texas Single Malt Whiskey

It’s here! 

112 proof, grain-to-glass Texas single malt whiskey!

112 proof, grain-to-glass Texas single malt whiskey!

Ahab likes it!

Ahab likes it!

In the H-Town whiskey world, you hear a lot of very reputable people mention one local distillery with a pride not unlike Saint Arnold’s in the beer world. 

Whitmeyer’s distillery is located in an unassuming business park off Hollister and 1960 in the Willowbrook area of Houston. If someone didn’t tell you about it, I’m not sure how you would ever find it. 

Distiller Travis Whitmeyer has made some very well regarded bourbon and has now branched our into Texas single malt.  He has done so in a very experimental way, distilling five batches, each with a different yeast strain in five new 30 gallon barrels.  Three of these barrels were sold to local liquor stores and two will only be available at the distillery.

This whiskey made a debut at the Houston Whiskey Social and created a bit of a buzz at that time in July. It was bottled with the help of some whiskey loving volunteers at the end of September, but all has been quiet since then.  Some veiled comments on Facebook convinced me to make a trip to visit the distillery to see what was going on. 

Well the single malt is here! My first impression was very positive with an intense dark chocolate note from nose to finish.  

Once I got home with a bottle I sat down with a dram in my fancy pants Houston Whiskey Social glass, I got down to business. 

This is an unfiltered, barrel proof single malt from barrel 2-AW. It was aged 17 months in the H-Town heat and this particular barrel comes in at 112 proof. Barrel entry was 115 proof.

Nose: Cacao nibs, raisins, figs.

Palate: Red apples/berries shifting strongly to dark chocolate oatmeal cookies.

Finish: Straight Cocoa Pebbles! Dark chocolate cereal with smoky oak.

The best way I can describe this whiskey is liquid Cocoa Pebbles. A delicious combination of dark chocolate and malty cereal!  

Yabba dabba doo!!!