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My name is Doug Carroll.  I moved to Houston in 2008 and have fallen in love with this city's energy and fearlessness of new endeavors.  I’ve loved whiskey, especially Bourbon, for a very long time.  I can honestly say I fondly remember the “good old day” when Weller 12 was everywhere and it was my daily drinker.  Recently I’ve accelerated my engagement in this hobby with my discovery of the Houston Bourbon Society and find myself searching for new whiskies and other barrel-aged spirits I did not know existed just a year ago.

 Houston has a thriving spirits scene that is constantly bringing new, exciting barrel-aged spirits to what we affectionately call H-town!  This blog is intended to provide news and commentary on the vibrant world of barrel-aged spirits in this town.  Why barrel-aged spirits?  Well I could just make a Bourbon blog, but honestly, that sounds a bit boring to me.  I also have a deep love for well crafted rums and don’t see why they should be out in the cold.  There is also a buzz starting around Armagnac that needs to be explored.  A local up and coming distillery just released an amazing barrel aged peach brandy, got to include that!  And who doesn’t like a bit of mezcal or tequila on occasion?  There is so much going on that I hope I can do my part to encourage you to break out of your go-tos and try some of the amazing new barrel-aged spirits that are popping up all over Houston!